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Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Facial Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique aimed at enhancing lymphatic circulation through gentle and slow pressures.

These drainage movements promote purification, detoxification, and the reduction of congestion in connective tissues and lymph nodes. They contribute to reviving the skin’s radiance and reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

The use of rose quartz tools such as mushrooms and gua sha are highly beneficial for stimulating skin exchanges, releasing tension, and firming the skin.

This combination promotes exceptional oxygenation of facial tissues, all within a state of complete relaxation.


Benefits of Facial Lymphatic Drainage:


Improves tissue oxygenation

Relaxes facial features

Enhances the immune system

Promotes cellular regeneration and cleansing of connective tissues

Provides a soothing effect, alleviating physical, nervous, and emotional fatigue

Stimulates lymphatic drainage, aiding in toxin elimination


A session with every change of season


one session 60 mins

package of 10 sessions of 60 mins each

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Facial Lymphatic Drainage

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